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Moving Kershaw County FORWARD


In three short years Sheriff Matthews and the KCSO team have made tremendous progress in moving Kershaw County Law Enforcement Forward. But, there is more to do to better protect citizens in Kershaw County.

If re-elected, I will continue to focus on:

  • Cracking Down on Illegal Drugs
  • Deterring DUI’s
  • Providing Modern Law Enforcement to Better Protect Citizens

Cracking Down on Illegal Drugs.
More than 1007 drug arrests over the past three years in Kershaw County is unfortunately, the tip of the iceberg. Drugs are the common denominator in crimes throughout our county and state.  The quest for illegal drugs makes people steal and harm others.

Under Sheriff Matthews’ leadership the KCSO worked with state and federal authorities to bust a major Mexican drug ring near Cassatt, SC.  Ten kilos of cocaine worth millions of dollars on the street were confiscated along with several hundred thousand dollars in cash at another location. 

The crack down on drugs in Kershaw County has also helped keep gang activity in check. Drugs finance gangs.  When drug dealers are busted, the funding for gangs is diminished and so is the lure to join them.  We must be vigilant in the fight against illegal drugs. 

The ultimate goal of strong drug enforcement is to keep drugs out of the hands of our children and to protect our quality of life by removing drug dealers from our community.

Deterring DUI’s
More than 400 DUI arrests over the past three years in Kershaw County has saved lives, but these arrests aren’t enough.  People continue to drink and drive putting law-abiding citizens at risk.

Under Sheriff Matthews administration, the KCSO secured federal grant money for two fully-equipped DUI officers.  They quickly went to work.  And the SC Department of Public Safety named the KCSO “Agency of the Year” two years in a row for DUI enforcement.

Sheriff Matthews believes we must rally the community to take an even stronger stand against drunk driving.  That includes strong enforcement, but it also includes swift prosecution, more public education and vocal community support.  For example, Sheriff Matthews regularly attends court hearings in felony DUI cases. He wants everyone to know, he takes the charges seriously and expects just punishment.

Modern Law Enforcement to Better Protect Citizens
The KCSO has solved several hundred break ins with the arrests of over 148 people, and now thanks to a new computer system, the KCSO will soon be able to alert neighbors when crime breaks out in their area of the county.  This tracking system is just one of the many recent efforts to modernize the KCSO to better protect the citizens of Kershaw County.

Increasing modern technology is also taking place in the patrol cars.  Both video cameras and computers have been, or are being installed.  This protects both the public and the deputies.  It also cuts down on drive time when an officer can file a report from a remote location.  This saves taxpayer money.

Even with all the technology in the world, law enforcement still depends upon a strong relationship with the community.  Citizen tips are now common at the KCSO and they frequently lead to arrests of all kinds.



In addition to these three focus areas, Sheriff Matthews will:

  • Provide fair, honest and courteous law enforcement to all citizens
  • Provide KCSO deputies with up to date body armor and modern law enforcement equipment
  • Work closely with other local, state and federal agencies
  • Utilize the traffic/DUI unit in areas of Kershaw County where serious collisions and citizen complaints occur.
  • Provide KCSO deputies with an unprecedented amount of training in all law enforcement disciplines.
  • Stress physical fitness and healthy lifestyles for all employees
  • Be an advocate for KCSO deputies
  • Continue to request sufficient resources from County Council in order to reduce response times and move the KCSO from being a reactive agency to a proactive agency.
  • Hold town hall meetings with citizens around the county
  • Initiate additional Neighborhood Watch programs



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