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When a Richland County bail bondsman told us that some of his drug-dealing clients have moved out of Kershaw County because we put too much "heat" on them, I congratulated our "narcs." They have worked hand-in-hand with other agencies at the local, state and federal level.

Together, we've accomplished a great deal in three short years. Since January of 2011 the KCSO has:

  1. Seen a turnaround in DUI-related traffic collisions
    • Kershaw County was first in the state for DUI fatalities per capita prior to my term
    • More than 400 DUI arrests since taking office in 2011
    • Two years in a row SCDPS Agency of the Year for DUI Enforcement (50-100 employees)
  2. Cleaned up several notorious drug dealing areas throughout Kershaw County to include
    • A major Mexican cocaine trafficking organization based in Kershaw County was put out of business as the result of a joint effort by the KCSO and DEA
    • Gang activity has been kept in check due to the aggressive drug enforcement efforts
    • 1000+ drug arrests since taking office
  3. Focused on reducing excessive speeding
    • Our traffic unit works 70% of the time on state and county roads and 30% of the time on I-20
    • The highest speed so far was 183 mph by a man on a motorcycle
    • We've written over 10,000 warning tickets. Our goal is to change behavior not to be heavy handed in/by writing high-dollar tickets. We target "excessive" speeding, DUI, seatbelt violations and aggressive drivers..
    • "Real" tickets for people going 15+ mph over the limit have nearly self-funded this special unit (as of Dec. 2013)
  4. Increased cooperation among local, state and federal agencies
    • Worked jointly with other agencies in homicide, sexual assault, and burglary, theft investigations
  5. Made significant progress despite limited resources
    • In 2013, officers responded to more than 44,800 calls and initiated another 44,000 calls on their own when they noticed trouble in the county
  6. Saved taxpayer money by decreasing KCSO property/liability and worker's comp claims
    • Decreases due in part to pursuit driving and accident avoidance training, the physical fitness standard, and equipping all deputies with tasers
  7. Increased diversity in the department
  8. Had 11 homicides; only 1 unsolved
  9. Had an officer recognized nationally for drug interdiction and recovery of most stolen vehicles (from a pool of 10,000 officers nation-wide)
  10. Outfitted every deputy with a bullet-proof vest with the help of the newly-created Kershaw County Sheriff's Foundation







  1. Aggressively prosecuted criminal sexual assault cases, specifically crimes against children
  2. Initiated the law enforcement accreditation process at the KCSO and we are 60-70% complete
  3. Equipped all patrol vehicles with in-car cameras
    • This protects the public and the deputies.
  4. Incorporated KCSO state-of-the-art report writing and records system
  5. Arrested numerous suspects involved in home and vehicle break-ins
  6. Held town hall meetings in Lugoff, Camden and Bethune
  7. Introduced an annual vehicle fleet rotation program, decreasing maintenance costs
  8. Provided all deputies with much needed training opportunities in a variety of law enforcement disciplines
  9. Established a good working relationship with the media to help keep the public informed
  10. Set new, higher standards of courtesy and professionalism for all KCSO employees

There is much more we can do to move Kershaw County Forward. I would be honored to have your support in the June 10, 2014 Republican Primary.


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